Monday, June 15, 2009

Things to come

A couple pix of places that will appear soon.

Kata Tjuta


Kings Canyon

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  1. Ah, I recognize Kings Canyon. What a fantastic place. Would be interesting to compare now with when I went there - 1984 and I think we saw two other people in a whole day. Did you stop at the meteorite craters on the way there i think? (1984 is a long time ago). I went to Alice Springs on the Ghan from Adelaide, that was a wonderful trip too. We got a free ride - us and the car - as the person I went with was a photographer who had the job of photographing the then-new railway station, so the train trip was thrown in with his payment. 24 hours of silver service dining and a sleeping cabin, very nice. Would cost a fortune now. I have lots of slides from that trip. We went to Uluru too but alas didn't have time for the olgas (Kata Tjuta). Enjoying your accounts.